First newsletter - Black Friday discount, new additions and inn/tavern terrain in development!

Hi and welcome to the very first Lefty Games newsletter!
It's Black Friday, meaning everyone gets 15% off on all unpainted terrain, today only! The discount is automatically applied in the shopping cart. It includes some of our new additions - the spear and saw traps:
The traps have magnets in the bottom as well, which helps to keep them in place.
Other new additions to the shop are Dice Tubes - 3D-printed tubes to store your sets of dice in ánd display them! The lid snaps shut with magnets. The bases snap together with magnets as well, allowing you to make a chain and display as many sets as you want! The STL (3D-model file) is available as well, in case you have a 3D-printer yourself or know someone who does.
Over the past few months I've been present at various game conventions under the Silver Raven Market banner, among which Spiel in Essen (Germany) and Facts in Gent (Belgium). Visitors were able to vote on a poll to determine which type of terrain I'm developing next. There was a clear winner: Inn/Tavern terrain!
It's a bit of a challenge to combine two types of 3D-printing, but it's definitely worth the effort! Here's a quick overview of the work in progress:
Up next are corner tiles, stairs, furniture, doors, etc. Depending on how much time is available, I'm hoping to have everything finished somewhere halfway December, so stay tuned!
If you'd like to be update on a more frequent base, feel free to follow me on Twitter (@LeftyGamesNL) and/or Instagram (@leftygames).